Abbreviations: KCT = King Country Trader T&Cs + Terms and conditions You or Your = represents yourself We Our = King Country Trader

Welcome to The King Country Trader, servicing theKing Country and Ruapehu Districts. We have put in place these Terms and conditions to provide all users a frame work to work within and to keep the KCT (king country Trader safe to all users.

1a Acceptance of terms and conditions: These t&C (terms and Conditions) are the terms on whichTheKing Country Trader offers all users access and usage of the KCT website and it’s facilities. By signing up and becoming a member of the KCT you by default accept these T&Cs. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must refrain from using the Services. 

1b Amendment T&Cs: As the commercial environment in which KCT operated constantly changes, the KCT reserves the right to change our T&Cs at and time. Generally we will email any major changes to terms giving notices of upcoming changes to T&Cs but in some instances we may need to modify terms without notice. Once again by accepting our terms and conditions, you accept that changes to T&Cs may occur at anytime without notice. 
These terms and conditions were last updated 1st October 2015. 

1c Terminology: In these terms and conditions, the following expressions have the meanings set out:
King Country Trader advice and warnings

2a Services: KCT provides a platform for users of the KCT website to buy and sell between each other KT plays no part in KCT Marketplace sales other than to facilitate an online platform by which member/users can communicate advertise their wares and products and complete their sales. If a buyer agrees to buy something from another member KCT it is up to the two parties the buyer and seller to complete the transaction as they see fit.

2a Purchases are made at your own risk: All communications and transactions between the Buyer and sell via the KCT website are at your own risk. For example if you were buying a car you saw on the KCT you emailed the buyer via the KCT site purchased the vehicle from the buyer it’s your responsibility to ensure that your transaction is completed to both parties satisfaction. if the deal went wrong for example the seller falsely represented the vehicle then KCT is in no way responsible. The onus is with the purchaser to take all sensible steps to ensure they are receiving what they pay for. in the example of a car sale again. This would mean getting the vehicle mechanically checked. checking to ensure their is no money owing on the vehicle etc. This example applies to all transactions via the KCT site and can be summarised in the words ‘Buyer beware’ you are purchasing via the KCT at your own risk and you agree by taking membership that you will abide by this clause. For sellers this means you must also disclose any known faults of any product under the Consumer fair trade act and you must not misrepresent or provide false information about any service or product. KCT accepts no responsibility for any member or product that does not abide by these terms.

2c You expressly understand that by becoming a KCT member you agree to tell the whole truth about any product or service.

2d Where a member is offering a skill or services you understand that any guarantee or Warrantee offered by the member is not supported by KCT in other words if guaranteed needs to be enabled KCT is not responsible. However the Guaurantee or Warranty the Service provider offers stands dependent on the terms the individual services providers business.

Liability: You agree that, you agree and understand that to the maximum extent of the law that any loss via the use of store holders/service providers in not the responsibility of KCT. This include loss of property labour expenses due to KCT store owner negligence or any act that causes loss to any other member using KCT service. 

2f Indemnity: You agree to release KCT from all claims, costs including any legal fees arising from any process proceedings or damages resulting from any members use of the KCT platform in a manner that causes you or another member loss or damage in a physical emotional or material manner 

2f Failure to comply with the above terms may result in the suspension of your membership

2g KCT explicitly bans the use of any product created with Third world child labour. Each member must take active steps to ensure that any goods or products offered for sale via the KCT website are manufactured in ethical conditions. Failure to comply with this cause may result in suspension of services to a member who breaches this condition 


3a Membership is free to New Zealand Residents. you must be over 18 to Join. Purchases via online shopping cart act as a legally binding contract.

3b You agree to provide accurate information about yourself as a KCT member include true and accurate Name, Home address email and Phone number. By clicking the verification email sent to you on becoming a member you are confirming this information as true and correct.

3d You may have one membership person. if an a member sighs up under more than one name the member may have all memberships terminated

3c KCT reserves the right to terminate any membership if it considers another member is a threat to another member in any way. 

Intellectual property.

4a By becoming a member of KCT you agree that you will not sell promote use copy lease or breach any rights pertaining to another individuals or business intellectual property rights .
You agree that if you mistakenly do so or actively use another entities intellectual property then KCT is in way responsible for your actions and takes no responsibility. You understand that you can be potentially fined or have legal action taken against you for very substantial sums if you breach this clause.

4b Any member found breaching the intellectual property rights of another entity or individual will have their account suspended