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Product Information
• Pine is classified as softwood and as a result can burn faster
• Hard Woods – Gums and natives are a denser timber so can take longer to burn and put out more heat
• Best value to purchase mixed Loads of Hot Mix that contains more hardwoods
• Hardwood though are more expensive
• Softwood is Cheaper and is more available
• Results vary from fireplace to fireplace dependent on use and condition of fireplace
• We recommend that you start your fire with Softwood then add hardwood as needed with coal if available to keep your fire going for longer

*Currently additional delivery payments for areas outside Taumarunui are processed manually. We’ll be adding online delivery options to the website shortly so this will automatically add to your firewood purchase eg 4 metres of Hotmix $380 and then $40 delivery to national partk. Delivery in Taumarunui is Free. Delivery to acentral areas such as Ongarueis an additional $25. See map for delivery zones

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