Registration instructions  – Please read first

Step 1

Fill in your details on this page and press submit

Step 2

Wait 2 minutes then check your email. You will receive a an email from the kctrader
with a link to your username and password. Click the link to view your password.

Step 3

Store your password and username somewhere safe FIRST (important)

Store the Username and Password first before logging in because if you press back to retrieve your password your password will no longer be available in the previous window and you will need to get another password by clicking reset password button where the process will be email process will be repeated.

Remember that your username is case sensitive so if you have used capitals anywhere in your username
you’ll need to type in your username into the Username form area on the login page as you received it via the email from the kctrader.

Best way is just copy and paste your username form the email you receive.

Step 4

Log in with your username and password
You will then be taken to your account page.

From here you can navigate to the Marketplace or where ever you want to go to to buy sell or view